Event digital comprehensive solutions, quickly build a smart venue.
Intelligent management tools throughout the process to improve the efficiency of organizing conferences and exhibitions.
Optimized for cross-border scenarios, solving language and distance issues.
Intelligent business matching and negotiation, effectively increasing the transaction rate.
Big data tracking and AI algorithm analysis to master event data in an all-round way
Customer resources precipitation, efficient secondary marketing.
Product Features
FutureLink conforms to the international trend of conferences and exhibitions, integrates the most advanced AI translation technology, provides rich cross-border and cross-language communication capabilities, and helps organizers improve the international level of events.
Multilingual interface
Automatically switch user interface languages according to the environment, and organizer's custom content supports multi-language configuration.
Cross-language interaction
The content published by users and enterprises supports AI translation, helping participants to achieve cross-language interaction and communication.
Multilingual live
With simultaneous interpretation, the conference can be streamed to multiple language channels; combined with AI translation technology, it provides real-time subtitles and translation in 100+ languages.
Global notification
Support sending SMS and email notifications to more than 100 countries and regions, and automatically adapt to Chinese or English templates.
Data Security
Private cloud space
Cloud encryption storage, core customer resource data isolation.
Black box analysis
User portraits and accurate recommendations throughout the black box.
Reputation guarantee
The platform will not transfer, leak or sell activity data to any third party.